About Millie Moon

Alter Ego?

A few years ago, I began extending my work from the genetics/theological debate I was having with myself and began producing work that looked a little more mechanical in nature. I was making (and still am,) making work in two very different paths. That second path  began to morph into the steampunk-esque aesthetic where it now resides. I felt like there needed to be a distinction, her work was different from my own, and as she began to dig into steampunk, I discovered a tradition of alter egos with long and glorious names as being part of the culture. What would my avatar be? What kind of person makes the types of things she does? I began to come to the conclusion that she should be a professor, a gatherer of knowledge an artifacts. But what about the name? I wanted something different and yet fun. I began calling her Millie, which came from my middle name ( a name until now I had always not enjoyed, I must admit), but in this instance it seemed to fit, seemed perfect. Of course she needed a last name and so since I was making a lot of airships at the time, something to do with flight or the sky…yes..that would work. And so the moon came to be her moniker.

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